Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving day

What a day. We prepped, we thought we were ready....then it began.
We hired a crane to move the containers onto to their permament perches.

We also had Jorge there to cut off the right side doors on the two containers that will be at the back of the line...and of course cut a walkway out of the back of two containers as well. Now...we will have essentially one 120' long container instead of three 40' ones. We will lose some storage capability what with needing a walkway, but this is one of those killing two birds with one stone, as we get the fence area there done and still get to use the insides of the containers.

Moving the containers meant the electrical line needed to come down. Carlos to the rescue...that crane comes in handy.

Yes...he had to do the exact same thing after they were done to hook it back up as well.

Doing that was one thing...but moving the 60,000 pounds of supplies out of the containers (the crane could not pick them up loaded) and then putting them back in...went from 8:00AM until almost 7:00PM tonight.
(Here you can see Jorge lining everything up for both containers to sit on the same pad, plus having the ability to weld the contaienr in place with the truck chasis embedded in the column.)

This makes big strides for the fence advancement...the pre-fab concrete fence is also coming along. We expect to be done before February.

Still to come...welding the containers together to make them weatherproof, using asphalt paint to seal the metal of the containers, putting electricity in that 120' long container (it can get pretty dark in there) hanging serpentine wire, and then backfilling to one level above, plus filling in the holes other words, the important part is done, but as always there is plenty of work yet to do.
There are a couple videos from the work today as on the His Eyes Facebook page, and one on YouTube here:


The Mom, Leah said...

This is better than Bob, the Builder. Did Sorren get to watch?

Felipe/Trevor Colby said...

No, Soren was in school. Both the kids will be shocked when they actually get to see it.

I am still shocked and I have got to see it several is just a really impressive feat.

Laurie Matherne said...

The boys in the 'hood have enjoyed the the goings on. I confess I have too. Except for the extra dust.