Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catch up

No time for blogging at length, but thought I would post a few pictures...Monday was a brigade day in Talanga, Tuesday distributing Kids Against Hunger rice in San Juancito. God working amazingly in both.

A patient with a Hannah Montana shirt. I proceeded to ask her if she was in fact Miley Stewart (Hannah sans the blond wig) and asked her for her autograph when she seemed to the point that she actually gave it to Sandra to give to me.

The brigade site in Talanga had two parrots, which did wolf whistles...which was confusing being in the exam room until you went outside and saw that they were in fact parrots.

This Dead dog walking.

Family in San Juancito reciving rice...but the son was just as excited for box!

View from the mission house bedroom. Weather this week has been great.

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