Friday, February 4, 2011

Normal...has different meanings

When I was on the ground yesterday (several times total, but this particular time) it occurred to me that what is now natural to me...would be rather, well, just plain incomprehensible for many people.

I often does anyone try to tow a semi with a loaded container up a dirt road...with a pickup truck...or two pickup trucks in series? Something about the brief serenity of being

prostrate...taking a break while securing the tow line to the truck chasis...laying on a dirt just seemed so normal...and yet when I thought about it...not really. I mean, I should have been stressed out, freaking out, just plain upset, but it was all “ok.”

The truck eventually got up (we had to unload a few thousand pounds (and get that second truck...we tried it with just one Ford to start) and we got everything unloaded. Like most things in life that we stress got done, just not exactly the way we wanted.

With the fence in place, it was a test of the preparations we had made for the new form of unloading. It went very well. We still need a little loading dock of sorts, but the gap was bridged, and the container’s worth of clothing fit in our new wall fairly nicely...with some room to spare. We knew that the walkway would take away some space, but it looks like it will still work out ok....even if looking at these pictures would imply otherwise.

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