Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Questions abound in the air, answers require hard mining

While the NECO FCO group was here, I took over at the clinic for Valerie one day and she went solo with the group to out past Lepaterique. Why? Long story, but I was supposedly going to need to have cell and internet access that morning.

Did I need cell and internet access? No, but I sure could have used Valerie to be at the clinic.

I know I am my Father's son...because He has a twisted sense of humor like mine sometimes. I saw patients from 8 until 12:30 break. And not one of them was a normal patient. Advanced glaucoma, a 20/30 patient who turned out to be plano -7.25...the list went on, like these brothers. I took one look at them and knew they were high myopes (nearsighted) but I had no clue...both over -11.00 and with a "mere" 3.00 or more diopters of cyl. Good grief. They both were prenatal and had developmental problems as babies. Best corrected...20/80. Yikes. Ugh. That sucks. They struggle to see, to do well in school, etc. and due to factors beyond our control...they won't see any better than that (those developmental issues caused some problems.)

I hate not having the answers, not being sure, or being sure and not being able to fix the problem. I want to know everything, fix everything, be sure about everything. Everyone does, right? Anyway, most of those patients I had to have come back the next day for Valerie to double check me. I knew it was the right thing to do, but it is just frustrtating to not know everything.

Good thing I am not a doctor...then I would really feel like I should know everything.

Hmmm, maybe that explains a little more about some doctors I know.

That is just one example...I have these sorts of struggles in matters relating to administration as well: Someone is accused of stealing...did they do it? Do we fire them even if we are not sure? Do we need to make a pastoral change at one of the Churches? How do we continue to fundraise for the sanctuary project in Teguc since it does not seem to be going well? How should we start working to do what we can? How can I help X without hurting?

Questions abound. People seem to think I have the answers. Yikes.

As I finished with my last morning patient...the staff was preparing for the devotional they do with some books we got donated from the US. Valerie was not there, I was clueless, but they carried on regardless. I got to sit in while Doctor Reina led the devotional, complete with Bible verses hung on the painting there in the waiting room. There was interaction, and everyone, even the nursing students who really don't have to particiapte, was involved.

It was good. Good for me, good for all of us.

The wall/fence project continues. While the major work is done, and the property at the clinic and mission house is now more secure than ever...there are still some other smaller projects to be done.

Like...part of our fence are the three containers put in a row. Seeing what you are doing 120' from a door can be hard. Carlos installed a few lights per container...making it down right office- like.

One more major project to undertake on the fence project and then I think we can say we are done for the moment. Changing the gates to get into the property...already underway, pictures to come later.

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Laurie Matherne said...

Madame X welcome help. This isn't my first rodeo.