Friday, August 19, 2011

Show me state

Today is our weding anniversary, reason for celebration, and remembering how hot it was that day 16 years ago.  I did not notice the heat...but I was told that our best man (my brother Chad) had to sit down to keep from passing out. 
That reminds me that when you are doing something you love, sometimes you can block out what some might see as inconveniences, and in some cases, actually embrace them.  Interesting I thought. 

I thought I would pull out an old picture of us.  Right here on the computer this will have to do, only being 11 years old. 

Believe or not, that is where the new clinic is now sitting somewhere up in that green, the road that the buses use would be up there as well somewhere in that empty get the idea.  There was not alot there back then.  Where we are standing is just below the milk project and mission house building (which was being built.)

I was thinking about our song, More Than Words, as it is our anniversary.  The fact that the lead singer of Extreme is a believer was apparent to me before I found out (another use for the internet of course.)  Just listening to many of the lyrics from this hard rock band made it clear to me...the struggles for authenticity, for living out faith, failing, finding forgiveness, doubt, the direct quotes from Scripture....I could recommend some songs that will make you cry for those interested.  Yes...from a hard rock band that is not Christian as the music industry defines it by any stretch of the imagination, and has a fair number of not-so-spiritually inspiring songs as well.

 Anyway..."more than words" is how God wants us to worship Him.  In our marriages, in our relationships with each other, with Him.  (Titus 1:16, James 1:22, and more)  I think of my Granpda...who later in life told me as I would leave to come back home to Honduras "I love you" knowing it might be the last time we saw each other on this side...I had no doubt he loved me before that.  It strikes me now that I don't remember him saying it when I was young...but he did not need to do so.  I knew.  He showed me.  God does that too.   

"More than words is all you have to do to make it real, then you wouldn't have to say that you love me....cause I'd already know."   

I remind groups of this all the time that lament they do not speak the language....preach the Gospel, use words when necessary. 

May God use us to proclaim His love to those around us, no matter where we are!


Laurie Matherne said...

Cute couple. Today too.

Anonymous said...

Great post Felipe...funny how when our tank is starting to become empty we get filled back up from the most unpredictable and far places. Great words to remind us all to stop, think and reflect. Be well