Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a zoo

Before the kids headed back to school schedule time on Wednesday, we made a trip together for the first time to see the zoo up in Picacho.  After waiting a while for someone to let us in the door, we spent over an hour looking around. 

First up, the snake house.  Always good to see a sign outside on how to treat snake bites before you go in...I suppose.  I love the last line..."If you don't know how to apply a torniquet...then don't."  

Take a look at some pictures, but pardon the chain link fence, no plexiglass in this zoo. 

An owl.

Plenty of buzzards around though, especially in the deer habitat, apparently eating quite a bit of their food.  They did not seem to mind.  Much like this deer, many animals came up to the fence as it would seem many people feed the animals. 

Also seen...many signs saying please don't feed the animals. 

 You've heard the expression pacing like a lion in a cage?  In this case...a tiger.  Poor thing looked very forlorn. 

When he moved...the buzzards took off, lest they make for an easy lunch or play toy I guess.

 The famous Jaguar.  He was trying to get to the jaguar on the other side, said jaguar missing part of his ear and front paw...supposedly from one jaguar trying to eat the other. 
 And then there was the taxidermy.  Not really sure what the story was there, but we took a few pictures anyway...Cecilia especially excited.

Other animals at the zoo...monkeys, ocelots, more funky birds, crocs, racoons, anteaters, peacocks, parrots, turtles and more.  Quite a treat to see animals otherwise not seen here even in the country...all for the price of $1.50 for all four of us.   
Not sure what this scene is supposed to display, but the kids liked it anyway. 

Cecilia endorsing the croc over the bird...for some reason. 

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