Monday, September 5, 2011

More to come tomorrow on the work on the Church building being done by the group, but I wanted to just give an update tonight that we are doing some more planting of seeds and carrying for that already planted with the group here now after a good clothing distribution done yesterday (San Juan del Rancho providing more huge lemons for some great lemonade today.) 

We found some climbing flowering plant seeds in those brought by one of the groups this summer, and will be planting those tomorrow below the wall pictured here.  (Pictures of those to come...perhaps in several months).  We also see Soren standing next to some seeds that were planted back in July by a helpful group that are coming up and looking great with colorful flowers.  Plus the flower bed in front of the clinic in the shade which is doing quite nicely...despite the ants around showing great appetite for a few varieties of the white flowers.  Jonathan took many varieties of the vegetable packets today to see if they will grow in Cantaranas...partially to test the seeds, partially to test the property to see if it still has blight.  Some of the seeds (the packets are expired) do well, some nothing at all, so him trying a bit  more of a professional test will be good to see for more work behind the clinic. 

It is hard to show how much some color and beauty really improves your more ways than one of course.  While I was discussing the merits of such work with someone in the group, I saw patients looking, smiling, pointing and talking about some of the plants and flowers while they were waiting just outside the clinic. 

Finding such beauty in our neighborhood can be hard sometimes.  Putting some effort into the property in this way is just one more way to show people we care about what God has entrusted us, and it helps encourage us as well. 

We found more cherry tomato plants, actually just one huge plant that has branced out in three different directions, growing near the clinic as well, the group harvested more than a few, and then cleaned up the area, picked off and then transplanted some hopeful new plants, and then we bought some metal to stake them to encourage more growth.   We never planted those on the property...they just grow.  They have a reputation here for being a kind of good weed, as most people that have them do not plant them.  Oscar even calls them the "poop tomato" as when he was a boy they were called that because that is how they were "planted" by those people and animals who ate them depositing them in other locations.  That they are my favorite kind of tomato only gives him greater pleasure in bringing this topic up on a regular basis. 

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