Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Building begins!

Recognize that?  It is part of the Church building being put together!  Woohoo!
It is not that I doubted this day would is just so weird to see it actually here. 
To be sure, much work was done on the building in 2011...literally tons of work you could say, but to see something that is designed to be above ground of the building is just really encouraging, even if we are just getting started....there is so much left to do. 

Monday and Tuesday Oscar hired 10 guys to unload the entire container...the cranes set it upright, but could not move it, and to get the crane out...we had to unload. After it was unloaded, at least they could then put the container where we wanted it, so that is a silver lining.

The heaviest pieces will sit outside while they work across the fence to put them together.  The rest is being relocated back in the container for safe keeping, since it will be weeks or more for us to get to needing them...that plus they are taking up the entire man cave right now. 

What is with the container hanging off the end like that? Well, you might notice this is a 45’ container versus the rest of our containers that are 40’. So when it came to placement, we could have less of a walkway between the two containers on top, or hang over the clothing container/wall below. I thought having the overhang would be kind of cool, you know, to save up to have a big chandelier hanging there, to class the place up a bit. 

Your $26 per square foot is certainly still needed as we hopefully hit this ramped up phase of construction, if the funds sustain it, but not for any worries there. We can not rely on groups to do everything, and before the first group comes on the 21st to help, we need all these guys working to get the prep work done so that we can do as much as possible when they get here. Maybe, just maybe we might be able to get the walls up then, After that comes...well, everything else (roofing, windows, floor, interior finishing, tiling, electrical, are starting to get the idea, right?)  That can be done fairly quickly...if we have the funding to make it happen.

How about it? One square foot of the building paid for with your $26...right here, right now...or later as well:
If you want to go more than $ are more than welcome, there are specific projects like the stage, baptistry, sound booth, usher's room, each of three office spaces, and more that can be sponsored, just let me know.

The container came out fairly well in the whole dropping process as you can see, but to be sealed in the future it will require some cutting and patching. No money to spend on that right now either since the priority is to get the building done first.  The fix will require cutting out the damaged sections and putting it their place...something else, not sure what yet. Maybe windows? Maybe just other metal? Maybe a patchwork of the doors from the containers we still have? Time will tell.

Kind of like seeing how this giant jigsaw puzzle of sorts will go together in the building to house the God sized jigsaw puzzle that is the Church.

Exciting times are ahead...we ask also for your prayers for safety for everyone working physically on this project, as well as spiritually for us and the Church as we know that such a great tool for use for the Kingdom will bring reprisals from the enemy. 

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Trish - Journey CC said...

Wow ... what a different perspective I have now of EVERYTHING! It is amazing to see what it looked like when it first began.

I can't wait until I come back to see services being held in this building ... to see what the hands and feet of Jesus did while hard at work. Missing you all terribly today ...