Monday, February 6, 2012

Construction update

Time for another update on the Church building process.

This is a long row to hoe...and becoming evident as we progress.

The roofing process alone is probably going to take another two weeks, and requires a minimum of six guys at that. You can see here why it requires so many guys and yet goes so slow...we rigged a zip line of sorts to shuttle the insulation and roofing sheets from the container side to the roof itself. Getting the insulation in place, and then putting on the roofing sheets more than doubles the time required, and makes it more difficult...but insulation is a good thing in the long run. The zipline is a rather creative way to speed things up a bit...but still is a complicated slow process. We will still need to buy scaffolding for the long term (to handle the soffets, guttering, the interior wall work and ceiling, electrical, fans, lighting, etc.)...we will be looking into that this week more. Renting them given how long a process this will likely be will not be cost efficient, and at least we will have the scaffolding whenever we need it in the future.

At this speed...we will not finish by June, but with the funding we have we can not go any faster. It is encouraging to all to see the work progressing...but at this rate we will likely have to stop and wait at the end of March (with some help from the groups coming that month.)

Join us in praying for some guidance on this, and of course the funding to continue at a faster pace. If you are so inclined, for newer readers, the link to make a donation pasted here works via PayPal...just add in during the process that you want your donation to be used for the Tegucigalpa Sanctuary Project, and we will start putting it to good use straight away.  

Imagining the building done for the 20th anniversary service is something I am sure all of us here would love to see come to fruition, especially as I looked upon the columns for the current pole barn building this Sunday during the service and seeing the continued toll the termites are taking.

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