Thursday, May 17, 2012

Milk Project Mother's Day

I will admit that often when I am helping with the milk project I focus on the forest and miss many of the trees. It is a big group of smaller people, and usually when I am there it is with a big group of bigger people. So I get caught up in the details of who is to do what, and trying to keep some semblance of order. There are moments to stop and talk, or stop and play, or stop and throw kids in the air, that sort of thing, but it is kind of a whirlwind.

No question in my mind it makes a difference in these kids’ lives, but of course doubt occasionally creeps in and you loose sight of things.

One of those things my friend Brad saw when he was taking a brief respite from helping Friday afternoon. During the project, the kids had made Mother’s Day cards to take home. Brad sat down as all of the kids had left, and noticed a card left on the floor. He thought little of it, presuming the card was not wanted and thus had become trash. Ten minutes after everyone left...he saw this face at the window (no one was at the door) inquiring for a Mother’s Day card errantly left behind.

These kids sometimes don’t get to eat before coming to the milk project, let alone have colored paper, crayons, scissors, etc. at home to make their Mom a card. He was proud of his card and wanted his Mom to have it! 
Jana saw another little boy whose card was smeared by some spilt water...he was distraught at the thought of not having his card to give to his mother.

Some PB&J sandwiches they don’t particularly have a craving for (but is very good for them nutrionally), singing Father Abraham, giving piggy back rides, some paper, some markers, and some scissors....we may take it for granted...those kids take it with great thanks. And I say thanks to God that the project exists, and for those that make it Laurie for helping oversee/fund it, for the four volunteers there that Friday, the group willing to love on all those kids...and everyone that has helped it along in the past 14 years or so.   
Immediate and long term impact for Christ...whether we see it or not, He does.  Clinic, Churches...and Mother's Day cards.     

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