Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buildings, fabric and cinnamon of course

Did I show you all the progress being made in the Church building?  The latest group helped get the sidewalk started, doing mud work on the drywall already installed, and then there is the work Teto is doing to get the offices and staircase installed.  He is working with great speed on that...there is still much to do though for sure.  Again...your donations are making all this possible.  We are getting closer and closer!  See below if you want to make a donation straight away to this effort ($26 gets one more square foot paid for in full!)
We have more interns!  Amy is still here working in the clinic and getting to go with groups...she will be leaving in a few more weeks.  Jesi is here now as well, working some in the pharmacy in the clinic (she is going into pharmacy school) and helping in her other passion...the sewing ministry.  During the clothing distribution she was even keeping a sharp eye out for otherwise unpurchased items that could be turned into purses, linings, etc....such as this snazzy number. 

The garden growth on the clinic campus slowly progresses.  We have not had the time, manpower, or funds to try to force things ahead faster, including my lack of time to find out what was wrong with our cinnamon tree.  Turns out...cinnamon trees can die on top and then sprout at the bottom for new "trees" as seen here (the darker green leaves at the base of the tree closer to the bottom third of the picture.)  If you break off the dead branches...the smell of cinnamon is quite strong.  We have not figured out how to process/use it yet, but it sure is interesting.  We will be curious to see how the new shutes continue to grow and develop as we continue to learn how to deal with them. 

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