Monday, July 9, 2012

Wait check

The group left today for Sampedrana, they will be back Wednesday.  The fact you are reading this...means I did not go with them.  This is weird, but necessary.  Too much to do, and not enough time to do it, something had to give. 

Today's major task was related to the import permit to bring another container of donated corn from Indiana.  So much time dedicated to this is tiring just thinking about it.  The action is so exciting and quick paced that there will be no pictures included...the camera can simply not keep up with the maddening pace. 

Actually, the tiring part brought back memories.  Most governmental offices do not work like this one anymore...this more reminds me of a decade ago: 

I get there to pick up the paperwork that over the phone I was told was anxiously awaiting me (this is not my first visit mind you), only to find that only one person is authorized to hand me the paper, and she was in a meeting.  Perhaps it was a meeting on how to hand people paperwork.  Or maybe not. 

It was recommended I just come back later because...who knows when the meeting will end.  Meetings are never defined in length.  Perhaps they need a meeting on that.  But I rejected their suggestion because at this rate I could be coming back for days, and I need to get this done before the group gets back...and I was already fairly confident it was not going to be finished today. 

Someone finally took pity on me standing there and lent me a chair...after they told me that no one would wait on me during the lunch hour.  I waited (and watched everyone coming by with their lunch...that was interesting)...when at 12:30 my mystery woman (her name is Leonarda...but for the action packed drama I am trying to create, mystery woman sounds better) actually appeared and gave me the paperwork I needed and the slipped into the inky shadows, perhaps to attend another meeting.  I was freed 1/2 hour before I even thought possible, what joy!  I put my comfy chair back where it belonged and went to the next step as directed. 

My mystery woman failed to inform me next step being the bank...that the bank is in fact closed from 12:00-1:00.  So instead of the chair, I got to stand outside for a half hour.  It was a nice day though, with a lovely breeze, and I found some shade and got to people watch while I waited.  After promptly opening at 1:07, there was some more running back and forth between a few windows to get stamps, receipts, leaving the blue and red but keeping the green and white, then leaving the green, then getting the white get the idea.  If they ask me to rub my belly while whistling next time, then I will start looking for the hidden cameras.  I get to go back tomorrow to see if it is actually done...and what else I might need to do, but hopefully after a few more steps tomorrow it should be done.

That being said...I'll call first.

I may sound bitter in all this, but actually it is just life, and you get used to it, and this really is far less the norm than it used to be.  I was able to keep smiling, so it was not too bad really.  Everyone I talked to was extremely friendly, not to mention patient when trying to help me jump through the right hoops, I did not have to do anything over, I did not screw anything up (yet), so all things may be taking quite a bit of time, but so far so good....especially keeping our eyes on the goal:  42,000 pounds of corn for people here that really need it.   

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