Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isn't that faint

We got back to Honduras on Wednesday. There was a little more travel drama on the way home, but relatively minor, and coming through customs this time was one of the easiest I have ever experienced. PS...if you want to buy light bulbs and put them in your carry on, that is confirmed as being allowed.

Why light bulbs? With the funky state of electricity in our house, the new curly q bulbs do not last long at all, less than the old style bulbs in fact, and then there is of course the color and brightness the old styles give you. However, the old style are no longer available here in I found some in the US and bought a few for a test run in my carry on...I'll be bringing a bunch more in November now that I know it is allowed. They are quite a bit cheaper as well.

Anyway...we immediately moved back into work upon getting back, that afternoon in fact, getting to talk to Oscar and Jana and try to get the desktop computer fired up luck, I am desperately looking for a piece not available here to get that up and going. Ugh. I'll post pictures later this week of the progress on the Church building...mostly in the last few weeks are smaller visible changes but big in the progress and work required...water downspouts, finishing the corners, working on windows, etc. but there are other things on the inside as well.

I was struck again thinking about the new building today at Church as we, along with another 15-20 people waited for a seat until the kids went to the overcrowded Sunday School.

And then again when the woman behind me fainted because of the heat. It was not as hot as it can be in the building, but it was warm. Turning around to see someone's eyes open but clearly they have checked out temporarily is not fun.

A building that is insulated, with a high ceiling, plenty of windows, more space, and fans...maybe people won't have to faint on a regular basis when coming to Church. That would be a nice thing, a thought I had not contemplated much lately. As we get closer and closer to completing this huge task while trying to balance the other balls in the air of ministry, your help in finishing this is also huge. Thanks to those of you that pray, give and help out in so many other ways!


Laurie Matherne said...

My group and my nephew enjoyed working with the church project. So many were good workers, and they want to come back.

Felipe Colby said...

Great, very encouraging!

Felipe Colby said...
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