Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shoes to go go go

The group from Sarasota left yesterday back to the USA.  On Monday before they left Sampedrana as they completed their great work on the mission house construction they had also planned to do a shoe distribution to the kids in the school.  What we thought were a little less than 100 kids turned into 135 by the time they were done...thankfully their Church had well prepared them for extra bounty.
To see all these kids, not just from the Church whose building they were visiting but the entire community, being blessed with good shoes is such a powerful sight of God working through so many to do so much for His Kingdom. 
The group also reported that Cecilia was a big help in translation and helping all the kids get the shoes that fit (and for some that which they liked) the best.  Good thing she stayed the extra night!
Opportunities like this do not come along often, we are so grateful for this one, these kids will think of this day for months as they wear those shoes thoroughly out going up and down the mountains. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Felipe! Do you have an email address where I could reach you? I'd like to ask you some questions about Honduras. Thanks so much. - Frank

Felipe Colby said...

Sure Frank,

jeser cueva said...

hello Felipe, i was doing a search on a land cruiser and i came across your blog :). i am leaving you this comment to say a big resounding "thank you" on behalf of me and my family for all the great deeds you and yours perform in our country. I am a law student at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras in Tegucigalpa. if you ever need a pair of hands, I would be glad to help.
once again, thank you.
Jeser A. Cueva

Felipe Colby said...


Land Cruisers are great aren't they?

Thanks for your comment, very encouraging! All the glory and thanks go to God, it is only by Him we are able to do any of what good is done.

Thanks for your offer of help, we will keep that in mind for sure!