Saturday, October 27, 2012

US trip beginning

Before I left for the US, Valerie was able to schedule with a relator some home visits. We got an email with this interesting property listed, and on a lark decided to go see it to see how it struck us. And while on a lark the relator decided to show us four more homes...such as the big bird shown here (seven split-levels, built on a hill, including a roof that was three different levels of a tiled hang out/entertaining area....perfect for the family that loves stairs) The first house that we wanted to see at the end was still the most exciting, and most attractive to us...close to where we live now, all one level, space for visitors, sufficient parking, and a little space to put in an office or whatever else we might need in the future. Ceilings that are beyond my head reach was also a nice touch. We have been praying and thinking about buying a home for some time, and leaving it to God to guide us as we are lost in what to do and not feeling particularly lead up until this point. This house though really seemed special and could very easily be our home. Coordinating a loan abroad to make such a purchase however...remains to be seen. We are not keen on taking a mortgage in Honduras, as the interest rates are above 20%

So, I arrived safely in ATL on Tuesday thanks to very generous help from Mark and Susan. I got to see the new, very swanky F concourse, and have dinner at The Varsity there, which I have been hearing about for years. My slaw dog and onion rings were good. While gone from Honduras, the connections are still there from my trying to speak Spanish when saying excuse me, culture shock, and then Valerie calling me while I was eating to tell me about more mud slides in the area around the clinic and one of the women we try to help having the wall in front of her property collapse and needing help to not lose the house completely. (built on hills in a ravine...if the wall below your property line is not stable, your property could be on its way down into the ravine) Sitting there in that airport trying to understand and figure out how we could help while looking at everything around me was...overwhelming.

I was on my way to CVG to pick up a borrowed 12 passenger van that is to be my conveyance for the month. There is a ministry in Kentucky that provides for free vehicles to missionaries that are back in the country temporarily, meeting a huge need. Normally a 12 passenger vehicle would be a little overkill for our family, but it was the last vehicle not already spoken for (did I mention this meets a big need out there?) and likely will use it for moving some necessary mission supplies in November for shipping to Honduras on a container. Want more info on this ministry? Visit Valley of Baca at
Some interesting other sites since I have been in Indiana
It is harvest time here, an interesting time of year to be sure, and should be done soon...beans are already in, corn working now. Everything does not look quite disaster area worthy as most of the state was labeled earlier this year with the drought, but there spots in the fields that are producing no corn, so overall it is still a mixed bag.
One of the reasons I am here other than trying to make new support contacts and visit existing supporters is looking for parts for the Fords in the next year. We spend a lot of money keeping those going for the groups while they are there, and when necessary we of course buy what we need in country to keep them going. However...many of those parts can be found here in the USA much cheaper...sometimes much, much cheaper. So spending quite a few hours could save us $1,000...or more. I am trying to buy as much as we can afford to cover the next year’s anticipated needs (hoping Murphy’s law won’t kick in of course)...including oil, as seen here. This was just a price checking trip as I try to find the best deal before buying...other than buying a 55 gallon drum I can’t lift of course.
Checking on the oil meant a trip with my dad, brother and sobrinos (Spanish triumphs with a quicker way to say neice and nephew) to the Rural King. I have no experience at the Rural King, this particular one located in an old Wal-Mart building. Definitely no experience with a business that offers free popcorn (you salt it to your taste even!) as you walk in the building...and further offers you to come back, but get a second bag instead of reusing your first bag. Wow. Surprises abound. 
Hopefully more good surprises to come in this trip! 

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