Monday, December 31, 2012

An allegory on life in general

Today I experienced something I have seen and heard many times before as generally true advice: “The first step is the hardest.”

I was relaxing after our outing at City Park, not planning or wanting to do anything or even move the rest of the day. Outside the window, a cool, slightly breezy overcast day was calling me. I needed to go run.

Keep in mind...I did not want to go run. I can not recall the last time I did not want to go run this much. I dreaded it.

I don’t fit the running mold anyway: obese, tall, big feet, slow, and the list continues.  Ugh. 

But I knew "deep down" I needed it. So I got dressed, and got out the door.

It was great. 64 minutes of running joy. Sure I was tired and down when I started...but then I was energized. Sure I stumbled a few times, and there were some big hills to go up and down, I almost fell (having fallen many times before, I can go without that part of the experience whenever possible)sometimes I felt fast, sometimes slow, sometimes felt I looked even odder than I usually realize, but it was fun. I felt old, decrepit, it hurt to go up the stairs in the house before I left...but when I was out there on the road, it was great.

The hardest part for me today was getting off the couch and taking that first step.

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