Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hygiene kits in action

I do not usually get the opportunity to post pictures of medical type work going on here...Valerie is not much of a shutterbug, and I usually don’t go poking around in the medical side of things, I stick to optometry to make enough of a mess of things.


Darwin however was kind enough to get me some pictures of a project for which he asked for our help. Darwin is the FAME (see for more information about FAME) scholarship recipient that will be graduating next year as an MD. He is currently doing twelve months of social service in a public clinic several hours from here.

The project was providing some hygiene kits (which we received from FAME as well, how about that?) for a chat they were trying to organize for diabetic and hypertensive patients. Hygiene kits are zip lock bags with shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other basic care items.

The chat was to share basic hygiene tips specific for diabetic and hypertensive patients (how to properly wash/care for feet, when to cut toe nails, etc.) and how to manage a diet for those conditions.

This woman specifically went up front to verbally give thanks to those sending the hygiene kits.

If you support in any way His Eyes and/or FAME, I include you in those to thank....and above all God for making it all possible in the first place.

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