Monday, January 21, 2013

San Juancito trip

Sunday afternoon, very quickly after Church, we rushed to the trucks and out to San Juancito with the group....reason being there were a few members of the group most qualified and ready to go for Sunday School teacher instruction, something the Church was very eager to experience for the first time.  There were also two teachers from Cantaranas that made the trip.  I tried to balance translating duties along with playing with Victor (Johnathan and Ana's nine month old son. 
The rest of the group split up into four groups and did food distribution.  After we were all done, thanks to my suddenly non-functioning watch, we took time to hang out, play, get lessons on plantains and coffee plants, and get home after dark.  It was so much fun I was just continually ready to believe the broken watch at 3:30....and thus why we did not start back until almost 5:00.  The watch does not look to live to tell time again.  
The floor is not poured, but the Sunday School rooms the Church built are already being used, they look so good, especially considering that the only "work" the mission provided was the money for the roofing materials...all the labor, and rest of the materials were all coordinated by the Church members and pastor Johnathan.  Very encouraging to see that although they have their struggles like any body, they are pushing forward and getting closer and closer to financial independence. 

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