Thursday, January 24, 2013

Talanga brigade

Wednesday brought the last brigade with this group, in Talanga.  We arrived to find a big speaker outside, music playing, and an announcer from Channel 15 talking about the upcoming brigade and greeting those walking to the Church building. 

For a few hours the brigade was broadcast live on the station (sometimes with live audio, sometimes with Christian music) until someone stood on the cable adapter from the camera to the console.  We still have a way to go to get enough equipment to be able to get past little problems like that. 

The brigade went very well.  I am not sure how many patients were seen exactly, but it certainly looked to be the busiest day so far.  I saw people we had seen last September distributing food, more people involved in the Church volunteering to help, as well as new volunteers with the TV station. 

Pastor Jose Luis further estimated that of those that came, probably 30% were people that had heard about the brigade from the TV station, some as far away as two hours by bus in other communities where the TV station reaches via cable. 

Using the Church building was great....and being right next to the TV station obviously was handy.  Having the pastor there to pray and talk with people as they waited for the pharmacy was just another way to emphasize that we were there for both their physical well being, as well as spiritual well being. 

As well as the brigade went, Oscar and I had time to look over the TV station's operations, hear of the successes (newly installed internet to be able to download programs, working on ways to broadcast via internet for family members that live abroad, the room division put up, moving the equipment case to the wall, expanding programming and advertising, etc.) and struggles with equipment, as well as just looking around and seeing so much more that could be done.  I struggled with wanting to just get it all done now, all at once.  Why does it have to take so long?  Ugh.  Also wondered now that space is tight about buying the property next door.  Ugh...$8,000?  Good grief.  But...had to take a step back and look at what God has brought to pass this far, and focus on what we can do in small steps rather than what would be "ideal" and desired all at once. 

Much like brigade work....much of the preventable sickness we see takes instruction, more instruction, and time to turn around.  Communities and habits are not changed in a day. 

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Anonymous said...

Felipe, thanks for sharing the pictures and info on the brigade at Talanga. It is heart warming to see the building and pews that WMB volunteers built put to such good use.

Steve Wand