Thursday, February 14, 2013


I thought I would give you two updates.  The first is on the SFC.  After the group left we had the guys continue to get the structure up and ready for the roof materials we bought to be installed.  That process takes a while, but they are almost there.  We are going to buy insulation to go under the roof when it gets installed to try to keep the building as cool as possible...trying to avoid running AC units in general and just have ceiling fans if possible.   

We are not going to go any further after the roof gets installed and some of the side wall pieces we have go up.  Why not?  We just do not have the funding to do any more right now.  We will wait, design out how the interior will look to properly frame all the windows, and wait for God to provide more funding when the timing is right.

The other big story is that Channel 15 in Talanga now has internet access...for a few reasons:  to get more programming, be able to stay in touch, because another Church offered to pay half of the bill, and also to be able to broadcast via the internet.  So now wherever you are if you want to check it out, feel free!  We are still nto generating enough income for the channel to be self sufficient...but getting there with every big and small step taken.  Want to check it out?  In the prayerfully near future we hope to add green screen technology to improve the overall look of the station, and get another big piece of equipment that we have installed and up and running.  All in God's timing!

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