Saturday, March 30, 2013


We have been slowed a bit getting more done on the SFC....just not the funds there nor the time right now to keep the progress going, but soon it will take further shape. 

We have kept the work going with a few smaller projects however, a combination of needing to get some things done with trying to keep a few guys gainfully employed as long as we can.

The rock wall is properly finished now...groups did the bulk of the work last year, but there was still some proper finishing work that needed to be done, and we had one guy work his keister off to get it all level and squared away. 

Still not sure when the hole will be filled in, but pretty sure we have a long term design on what will be there (garage for the Fords with a second floor building of some kind that will be at the container height.)

The road access to the container wall is mostly flattened out as well.  I think we are going to just put some pavers down for traction when backing down there to unload/load out of those containers and let the rest of the road be grass rather than put all concrete down at this point.  Saving us on cost, as well as hopefully looking better when it gets finished...which groups will help with in the summer.

We only had a small section of the concrete on the campus that has failed.  A group of course helped with this section as well, but it was not their fault it failed but rather a too-frugal spare foreman we had working with them that day. 

We had the guys clean out the debris so that it could be re-poured during Holy Week, the best time for the inconvenience of not being able to drive on it and get some time for it to cure.

There have been some other construction projects going on as well these past couple of weeks...more touches on the TSP, tile work (using extra tile we had from the pays to be cautious and careful!) for the TV station and parsonage in well as using some extra false ceiling material we had left over to do the TV station, and while we had guys out there to help, also put up a cistern tower (gravity feeding being best of course)

More to come...please join us in prayer for wise, God lead decisions and direction as we move forward on so many different fronts...the clinic, the Churches, construction, the milk project, the upcoming groups, trying to help so many we know that are struggling to eat daily, coffee, other farming (we are expanding to coconuts and avocados as of late), and so much more. 

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