Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Big Red

The group here this week via Master Provisions has been helping yesterday and today to get the SFC (Second Floor of the Clinic) coverings started.

The keys here are that we are not just putting up the metal, but also the insulation that we hope, and greatly pray, will keep the building cool. 

The Honduran guys took on the more interesting roofing effort, while the North Americans took on the also interesting (interesting meaning fear of heights inducing) side walls, using the scaffolding to get a good look at what they were doing. 

Along the back wall of the clinic the work was already high, but as they moved to help start the side wall...the space is tighter and the balancing for the scaffolding takes more time.  They worked very hard, it is just time consuming to get everything in place with the scaffolding, the insulation and moving the materials where they are needed. 

Here you can get a glimpse at how the roof insulation looks from below....like honest to goodness real wood!  At least that is the idea.  If this works...no need for a false ceiling.  Pray, pray, pray it works as well as we need!

So far it looks great, and from the floor, it looks fairly convincing. 

The roof work will continue throughout the week while the group takes on other activities.  The walls, we will need to wait for the funding with the next group to continue there. 

One step at a time!

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