Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Channel 15/Talanga Church visit

I had the opportunity to take a group member who was a computer expert with me to Talanga to check over what we had in Channel 15, so that I could buy some much needed parts.  As I was a bit lost on knowing what we needed, what could work, etc....having Brandon's help to point me in the right direction was extremely valuable....literally and figuratively.  It saved me so much time for trying to figure things out myself that I likely would not have been confident to do, and in knowing what we really needed, helped us save much money in making purchases.  The new equipment I bought via eBay will be coming with the next group in May.  And some of the recommendations of what else we need here locally should be done in the next month. 

Here you can see for the first time posted on the blog the other spiffy-ness added to the operations....the tile and false ceiling work that was recently completed.  Being the penny pinchers good stewards we are, we were careful to watch how much tile and ceiling material we had leftover after that work on the TSP was done, and it was enough to finish the entire first floor of the building!  We sent two of our workers from Teguc out to do the labor just because they had experience working with the materials, we also had enough donated other small quantities of tile to finish the upstairs as well.   No false ceiling for upstairs, so it still can get quite a bit warm, but so far the TV station stays fairly cool.  The bedroom in the corner is still needed for Jose Luis' extended family (also provides some extra security overnight) but so far they are doing well with just one set for live shows, and hopefully we can get to where we can use green screen backgrounds in the future so it will be even less of an issue. 

When you send a donation to His Eyes...where does it go?  Well, some of it goes to steps like these to get the station the equipment it needs while we walk the winding road to TV profitability (getting closer all the time!) 

It also helps pay for other needs...most specifically related to this post being in Talanga needing a water tower to get gravity fed water out of the barrel to the parsonage and Church bathrooms.  Cheaper than a pump to purchase/install, and definitely cheaper considering electrical costs of using a pump long term. 

There are many other things that could be done, that in a sense should be done, but all in due time. 

One thing you could really pray about...the small piece of property that would form a T or L if you will with our property might be up for sale.  We have fairly used all we can of what we have, leaving the other bit for parking/socializing, and having that small lot for building Sunday School rooms would be great.  It would likely cost $3,000 or so for the lot, but it would be really worth it in the long run. 

What I found most encouraging in our recent visit was the initiative taken by the Church summed up in this picture.  You are forgiven if you do not notice all the changes to the stage here....there used to be two walls had little staging areas behind them to get access to the baptismal area that was in front of where it is still painted blue on the back wall. 

The Church decided that the baptismal was not needed, as they usually go to a river for baptisms anyway, plus it was hard to get water to it, and when not in use it was a haven for mosquitos.  So they took down the walls (and are planning on using the block to make a storage shed outside...not to be wasted!) and expanded the stage, which they did need larger for including more instruments/musicians and leaders for worship services.  You can also see they have bought tile to get the top part done...still working towards having enough for them to finish off the stage (the entire Church...that would take quite a while)  Also seen...Eduar working with some budding piano players to practice songs for services.  I am going to see if they can get a copy of Valerie's music she has from playing at Church here, as what they were doing that day was listening to songs and trying to figure out how to play them from there by ear...not an easy thing to do.  Slow, harder, and takes a good ear. 

Join us in continued prayer for Channel 15, for the Church, and for those in leadership there!

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