Monday, April 22, 2013

Jalaca food distribution

We take groups fairly regularly to encourage rural Churches by participating in food distributions, usually our Churches, and usually Kids Against Hunger rice packets or corn from the Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project near Mitchell, Indiana. 

We had planned on going to Talanga, but pastor José Luis asked if we could instead go to Jalaca, a town that has become involved with our Christian TV station, Channel 15, in Talanga that José Luis also administers. 

Our TV station is viewable not over the air, but by cable only (well, cable and for international viewers, also via the following link streaming online: but the two cable companies we pay every month to carry our signal not only reach Talanga but several towns like this within an hour or more of Talanga. 

The Church in Jalaca supported the channel raising money to help the station buy a new sound board and two wireless mics, and has even come as a group to worship together with the Church in Talanga (they had a five Church joint service in Talanga with Churches from different towns/villages that have all come together via the TV station)

Here are some pictures from that day thanks to the resident photographer in the group...of the town and of the people touched/encouraged in Christ's name. 





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