Saturday, April 20, 2013

Loco for our cocos

We are working on the farm in Cantaranas to find crops that are longer in developing...but less volatile in price fluctuations and easier to care for in the long run. 

Even on the coffee farms there is some of that going on, but this property will be more diverse...eventually.

Funny how to me everything is too busy around me to keep up, how there is too much going on and I struggle to make decisions and figure out how to keep things going financially, etc....and yet I will complain to myself (and here it would appear) that we seem to be taking too long in other areas, like this farm. 

We do not have the funds to just fire on all cylinders anyway, so baby steps are required, but in this case, it is probably for the best as we get our footing. 

So there are plantains right now, sourced from Oscar and Jonathan's personal farm, two avocado trees, and now coconuts.  150 to be exact that we purchased from the North coast. 

Seen here is pastor Jonathan, the coconuts, the two avocado trees in the background, and our newest property caretaker that Jonathan found and wanted to give an opportunity for some work.  We were able to give some employment desperately needed to dig the holes for the coconuts, and bonus trivia...took almost 150 small bags of salt that is needed to plant with the coconuts.  That is put salt in the ground when you plant them.

I had the coconuts in the White Ford, so I pulled down our "driveway" to deliver them...not the brightest idea given the 4x4 is not working in that Ford currently.  We made it out fine however...we put everyone in the bed, and weight=traction usually around here.  This driveway/road will not be a road for much longer...many of the holes for the coconuts were dug in the road...a great place for those coconuts. 

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