Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sampedrana brigade..whew!

 Big day today.

We went expecting to see 100 patients max.

I felt like I never really stopped...

They said the line was just getting longer and longer as the rains approached.  I thought they were kidding.

Total seen...190.

Boring stuff mostly...thanks be to God nothing serious, and so many years of teaching and healing that there was not the drama of the first few years we visited this community.  Still boggles my mind to think about what short term groups, a Church plant and God guiding all of that has accomplished for the Kingdom. 

We were getting ready to leave and this foursome was anxious for some picture taking.

They were a hoot....not the reserved children that were always so quiet and sullen that I remember.....instead outgoing, eager to play and fly, and full of smiles.

Me too.

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