Tuesday, June 4, 2013

US trip...the beginning

We flew Thursday, May 30th to the USA, arriving at a friend's house about 1:30AM Friday May 31st.  It was a good trip, all went well thank the Lord, and we had a good transition from life in Honduras to slowly getting used to the USA.

We have a vehicle on loan from Valley of Baca ministries for the summer, and were able to stay with friends in Cincinnati where we flew in, which made things so much easier and more enjoyable.  Add to that a wheelchair and even a helper at both airports for Valerie, and you could not ask for much more. 

Some pictures for those of you interested, heavy on the children as well as I hear from time to time they are not featured enough.

Starting off right...getting a light supper to taste and a peach pie from the Varsity at ATL.  Soren approved.


Both liked the lunch at Ikea....Cecilia was more enamored with taking everything she found home with her.  Note to self...never go furniture shopping with Cecilia on a budget.

Cecilia learned (again...long time since lessons!) how to use a drinking fountain.  Free drinking water everywhere...what a concept!

Watching someone learn to use a fountain is quite humorous when you see it.  If you learn at a young age, you assume it is easy...but there is a learning curve to do it well.

Visiting friends from Center Pointe CC, they had other friends visiting with grandkids the same ages as Soren and Cecilia, that was great for a day of play and hanging out....and pizza. 

 Our friend Barb even had time to shellac Cecilia's nails...something she really wanted to do for her birthday (which is today, June 4th)

She is especially happy with all the "sparkles" in the color.

At camp, the kids made quick work of finding friends...and things to do.

Tether ball broken?  No problem....we then had Soren's new alter ego "Tetherball man"

Happy to find their home away from home for the summer (and still proud of the tetherball)

And both were very happy to find the "warm" water of the pool and slides.  I saw every other teenager getting in with teeth chattering and goose bumps, rubbing themselves to keep warm...but our kids want in as much as possible, with smiles on their faces.


So far so good, two days under our belts, and getting to know the campers is going well, and fundraising has begun on a new F-250 for the mission!



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