Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cantaranas anniversary

We got to go for part of the 5th anniversary service in Cantaranas.  Neat experience...mostly due to the new building being inaugurated! 
We had a donor help with the roof material costs, and the Church took care of the rest...we did not have to contribute anything towards the labor, they made it all happen, which is always our goal.  We had some extra lights and donated those to the effort...they did the installation, Jonathan says they will not be stolen (at least had not been for the first week)...which is amazing, in the literal sense of the word. 
Why?  Well, you can tell the floor has not been done, but neither are there any doors or windows.  Neither has there been any stucco work done, but all that will come with time.

There were visitors from several other Churches (including our other three Churches, and some from the Tegucigalpa Church) and from my rough count (not a pastor's count mind you!) before we left (we had to get back "early" as the kids started school the next morning...there were still people arriving, fashionably late of course) there were 300 people there...very impressive turnout.

If anyone from this summer at Camp Allendale is reading...fear not, there were dogs present as well, I was trying to be quick to grab a picture here just to show you.  With more humans, I guess so goes more dogs, as I counted at least five different ones making the rounds.
The building is impressive in size.  For those that have been is smaller in footprint than the TSP, but bigger than the buildings in San Juancito or Sampedrana.  The roughly 300 I counted were very comfortable...I would think it could hold if needed (may it be so Lord!) 500 people.  When the front is done and painted it will be quite a landmark...also located on the main road and right near a fairly busy (for this area) intersection, it is a very good location.
We also had a unique opportunity...I mentioned the anniversary to our mechanic Roberto, so he and his family went with us!  His wife is active in a Church, and he has been coming around, but this was a great time to get to share more with him and get him some more exposure to another Church was not that long ago that if I had asked him if he wanted to go to Church anywhere that he would have politely declined...pray that God will continue to work in his life, and definitely in the ongoing work...both physical and Cantaranas, as we rejoice in what He has done and continues to do there!

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