Saturday, October 26, 2013

New T-shirts!

Greetings all.  We have yet another way you can support His Eyes...and be stylish and on the cutting edge at the same time with these limited edition T-shirts! 

Felipe is going to be in the US for a few weeks selling these if you find him, for $12 each, otherwise they will be on their way to Honduras.  If you are interested in buying one or more and having him ship them to you, shipping and handling would be an additional $5, and you would need to email him directly at  

We have two new designs in four colors total, let us take a look, shall we? 

The first is a take on the Keep Calm motif, reminding us all to use Christ's eyes to see the world, replacing the queen's crown for the King's cross at the top, and on the back of the shirt is the mission's logo.

These shirts are available in blue and red (the picture showing the blue shirt in front, and the red shirt on the back.)

The other shirts are a bit more fun, featuring our trusting Hill Climber #1 Ford F-250 that so many groups have had the pleasure of riding in over the past almost eight years. 

They will be available in black and white, both shirts featuring a "Catracho Haiku" on the back.  Catracho=Honduran for those curious.  The haiku says...

Honduran Driving
Mountains curves cows dogs & holes
Tranquil with a horn
Buying these shirts not only supports His Eyes, but we had these shirts printed by Apache Youth Ministry's venture called Little Bluebird Studios, so you are actually supporting two ministries at the same time!  Help us raise a little money for the ministry, get a great quality T-shirt that will also remind you to pray for us, and get to share the ministry with those around you...that is what we like to call a win-win-win...where we all win. 

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