Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eye brigades

We have a group here this week from ICO FCO (Illinois College of Optometry, Fellowship of Christian Optometrists) going out to do eye work in Christ's name.

I thought I would post some pictures from the first two days of work...including some typical things we see with regularity on brigade days.

Many patients seen, much education given on conditions, glasses prescribed, prayers prayed (for many things...including a patient with breast cancer today among many others)

and quite a few smiles...including this little girl that got her first pair of glasses.  She has a very high prescription, this first pair will allow her to get used to having glasses, which were made on site with a stock frame and some already cut lenses that our good friend Sarah Cho brought with her.

Nothing like getting on someone's level to help them!

Watching Valerie help students, and help patients...this does not get old.  For her or for anyone watching her...the love she has for optometry, for helping and teaching people...the origin for that is most surely God.

What brigade would be complete without great brain food for lunch?

PB&J all the way!

Riding in the back of the truck provides great views, interesting conversation....and Cat looking like a big red lolly pop.

And all this great work (our intern Gretchen helped translate all day) makes some of us ready for a nap in the truck as well.

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