Monday, March 3, 2014


We have a group here this week from Florida, our only men's group of the year!

They are doing some big construction projects this week...spreading out in three different groups to tackle some things we have not had the funding to continue until their arrival.

First step...we had to complete the stairs to the second floor.

The hand rail (our first thought is always top notch safety, right?) has not yet been installed, and the plan is to eventually seal off the area underneath for storage, but for now it at least made unloading dry wall much easier, and all the trips being made up and down today.

Some of those trips were our interns Gretchen and Morgan helping Jana re-organize some of our container space.  This is a constant battle of course, but right now especially so with us being short on space....right now helping organize means moving things up into the second floor, even if we are not exactly ready for moving in yet.  

Moving things in the you can hot work.

Warm temperatures + no circulating air= a hot mess.

Valerie and I picked out the window placement not too long ago, the group has been making sure they will all line up as well as possible, and got several installed today.

Seeing the first hole cut, that first window all just jumped so much...more real, more...closer to done.

Here is the view from the new property looking at the end windows.

Other than doing as much window prep (and hopefully some dry wall as well) there is a group of guys working with some of the guys we hired locally to get a retaining/no-water-rushing-in-from-the-road wall built.

The property next to the clinic we bought to save us on our water bill (a long story...should pay off in a few years) and hopefully to serve as a location from which to expand the milk project ministry to children in our area.

Two Churches in the US helped us buy these two properties we have joined together as one,  you can see a little better in this picture looking from that very window we saw in the last picture(we put the fence up to protect everything while we wait to see how we will construct in earnest.)

We plan to put a door between the properties soon to move materials and such, but for the time being we are taking down and putting up sections of the fence every day we are working there.

They probably won't be able to finish in three days...but they are making big progress to get a good foundation for a future building wall...which will at the same time when done keep the rain water that runs down the street in the rainy season like a river...from flooding our property.

I will post more Wednesday or Thursday with some more pictures of how much they have accomplished!

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