Monday, November 3, 2014

Building a bit more

Not much time to write, but wanted to share a little of what I am seeing (just like you via pictures since I am in the USA right now) of the work continuing.
Via the very generous donation from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Oscar took what hopefully will be the last materials needed for the Church in Cantaranas to finish the Sunday school rooms...the floors, doors and windows. 

That will be exciting for them to have some dedicated teaching space for the kiddos, and secure space at that.

The corn container arrived finally, with some customs problems and such, but what else is new?  Custsoms paperwork, personnel, in looking for people trying to bribe via fake paperwork and personnel, in unloading everything to make sure we are not crooks, lying, or worse.

42,000 pounds of corn now that we will have to be able to share with people that need it...and need to hear of God's love. 

How are we able to get all that corn?  The Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project works via farmers in Indiana that grow this crop specifically to donate it...high lycene corn.  IDES ( helps pay for the shipping to get it to us, and also helped with half the funds to buy the container we are using to store storage for only the food we receive will help us keep it pest free.  And of course our good friends at Master Provisions helped us out coordinating all the shipping and logistics from the US side of things.

Our welding continues on the property...a puck lock being applied to the new container seen here, but in the background you can see the structure for the floor above the garage for the area that as of yet we are not sure what that roughly 1,000 square feet will be used...but I am sure we will know it when the time comes.

Here you can see a brief video of Oscar getting a little help from our supplemental 4x4s to get to the coffee farm in Las Botijas.  The work is also continuing there...hard work, sometimes hard work just getting there, but we are pressing on nonetheless.

Hard work abounds, not just there but also with the coffee (and road) in Sampedrana, and keeping things going with Channel 15 in Talanga, and in general helping all the well as how to deal with the ongoing clothing ministry needs (and how to help get the message out as to what kinds of clothes we need here.)  Please pray for all of that if you would...and as well for some security issues throughout the different areas of the mission right now (and of course as a country in total)...praying for us to have good decisions on how to best protect everything, to plan ahead, how we would respond in showing Christ's love, and for the salvation and repentance of those that are involved.  

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