Monday, December 21, 2015


I happen to have a trifecta of festive photos.

The Church in Talanga  celebrated their anniversary in November.  As you can was quite the turn out, with many folks outside that you cannot see.    

Finally after five years of work, waiting, patience, planning, and more, the sanctuary in Tegucigalpa was inaugurated on Saturday night.  There is still some legal paperwork wrangling to do for the clinic campus property deed, but we worked out some intermediary legal paperwork to be able to make this step while we wait on the government for their speedy processing of the deed we are still needing.    

Thanks to Dr. Darwin's great efforts, we had an honest to goodness Christmas extravaganza on Friday for the entire mission and their families.  Songs, preaching, a great lunch, popcorn and games in a park above Tegucigalpa for around 75 people.  Here we are playing the game...which team can make the longest line of clothing items (which started back near that building.) that included ingenious use of removing shoe strings, socks, and just about everything that modesty would allow.

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