Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Few Bills

The clinic now has a computerized receipt system.  This has been a project Darwin has been working on for some time.  Government regulations now require this, have for about a year.  He found some guys that design such interfaces/systems that came up with the design (this seen here is just a test...the final version will have all correct information) and I was able to buy the fancy/specific printers to do that in the USA and have a group bring them down.

This means we have a full computerized cashier operation, quite the fancy set up, which should help for financial reports, tracking trends, patient counts, etc. much easier in the future.

This along with our computerized inventory for the clinic and for the mission containers means everything is so much easier to find, count, and re-stock than ever before in our history.  What a time to be alive and working in statistics/inventory!

Speaking of bills, we had chance last month to visit some Milk Project families in their homes.  we came across families trying to pay the bills, and one of the most common things for economically challenged females to do to try to bring in some cash daily is making and then selling tortillas.

This is hard work, quite time consuming, even though they most certainly had it down to a science (each tortilla exactly alike...all without any measuring other than by feel.)  If you are lucky, working all day making and then selling, you could maybe clear $5 or so. Maybe.

Groups help pay the bills on the Fords, and this one is now ready for group service, serving officially in hosting duties twice now, since the bars on the back have been completed (side note...done by one of the preachers/singers/leaders of the Cuerpo de Cristo Church next door.)

Now we just need to figure out a good seat system for groups (which can also be removed when not needed) and we should be all set.

The plan several years ago to set aside some cash from each group to be able to buy these when needed, now we can see was a great way to go to make this possible.