Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The belly of the beast

Today's entry is light once again as we bring you
the latest and greatest from Honduras shopping.
What you are looking at (besides a tired Soren) is the newest Hyper Paiz (bigger and better than a Supermarket don't you know).

For years, people have asked us why Wal-Mart has not come on down to Central America. I too was puzzled, as we all know that world domination is their ultimate goal.

This week I read in a Honduras paper that Wal-Mart Central America was "expanding" its operation. "Expanding?" Yes, expanding. Apparantly although the name and style of the stores are different, they are already own 37 stores in Honduras. Little did we know.

They invested $10 million in the store you see here. And this is just a small portion of the store. Sure, it is not the size of a Super Wal-Mart, but I must admit to having a bit of culture shock just like I was back in the States when we walked in. Wow, it was still big, and it still had quite the selection. Need underwear? Furniture? Varnish? Computers? Oh yeah, food? They have it. Not all the name brands that Wal-Mart USA would have, but of course I found a Durabrand alarm clock I needed (recent electrical...uh, problems put to rest our previous ones), which as you probably know, Durabrand as it says on the box, is marketed for and distributed by...Wal-Mart.

So, you can now rest easier, or not so easy, knowing that Wal-Mart is alive and well throughout Central America.

And rest well knowing that an exciting trip for our kids is to wake up early and beat the Christmas maniac traffic to any retail store. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the toy aisle, milk aisle (chocolate milk, chocolate milk!), fruit aisle, and generally everywhere they went.

Hopefully more to come later this week with great news of a container unloading event.

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