Saturday, December 9, 2006

Wild night on the town

Well, just when you think you have a routine, no changes, nothing new or different, then came our date night Friday.

We usually have a meal, do grocery shopping, and try to make it home after the kids are in bed by 8:00.

Yes, we are wild people.

So, as you can see by the crummy picture placed here, there were fireworks while we ate. Yes, while I looked into my beautiful wife's eyes, but also outside the window where we were eating. What were they for? Hard telling. Probably a Christmas thing, as fireworks in general are much more popular this time of year (especially by some fun loving youths just down the street from odd times at night here lately).

And then our short trip walking over to the local mall, busy as you might find hard to imagine...a normal Friday night, nada, but go during December and expect many people, even if some of the stores close at 7:00, there were still plenty of people there.

And a new store! It did not seem to live up to its name,
but it was....something.

And, lest any night be incomplete, how about a type of refrigerator we had never seen before?
Not only did it have a TV, but the program we ended up watching was about a Christian opthamology center here in town, which we had lost track of since a move they made to another part of town. Coincidence? I think not, it is just not something we thought we would find out about while watching the refrigerator.

Another patron and her family walked by as we were enjoying the show and we collectively decided that although it looked cool... either dinner would not get prepared, or we would burn the meat on the stove while watching TV. The idea of having my recliner sitting in front of a refrigerator though was intriguing, but Valerie rightly pointed out we did not probably need a $2,500 fridge, even if it did come with an equally spiffy looking microwave. Go figure.

Another night down, and we even managed to get home by 8:30.

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Dad said...

Sounds like an exciting evening to me. Romance, food, fireworks, and cutting edge technology. What more could you ask for?