Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Latest group lessons

This latest group from Christ's Church in Jacksonville Florida, coming so soon after our trip to the US helped me really get back into the swing of things here.

Although we have been doing this for a few years, we are far from experts. And although many would question the general state of my maturity at times, or all the time, short term groups are definitely a way God uses to help me along on this path...even if that means getting more mature at times.

Seeing others on this same path, at different points, some further along, others a little behind, kind of like a graphic equalizer...sometimes you are maxing out the treble while others have the bass down pat, how God uses us all to build each other up.

I often hear it said, "One does not have to go to Church to be a Christian." And while if we are discussing hypothetical situations, someone on their deathbed perhaps, then I could agree. But for the rest of us living in the regular world, I just do not see how. When we look at the Bible, and the examples of the Church, we see interdependance, living together, working together, sharing...not individualism in our relationship with God. We are not to be lone rangers out by our lonesome, but to grow together.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons groups are so dear to us...not only the Church here and the people we work with, but those that come to help bless Honduras also bless us, and hopefully they are blessed as well for having come. We learn so much from others...from seeing their reactions to life here, from their experiences here and there, and from just having fellowship with them.

Some question our sanity too for enjoying and coveting our time with groups, for putting out the welcome mat, even to three groups a month. So be it. I would not expect most people to understand anyway....but hopefully you do.

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Sam Willard said...

I understand what you are saying. It is challenging to be at something on your own, and while challenging it is also draining.

Being apart of a body or having groups down is a renewing experience. Everyone needs support from outside of themselves.