Friday, December 8, 2006

Power to the people

So, life on Friday was interesting.

I went to run...and it started to sprinkle, then spritz, then light rain. At first I was hoping for "cat hair" as they call it in Costa Rica, but nope, I was getting wet. No worries, just...interesting.

I got home, showered up, jumped in the car, still sweating from the run, while everyone else is in their winter jackets and gloves mind you, to get to the clinic. We were to have visitors that were to arrive at 9:00 or after. I got there at 9:10. They had been there for some time, done the official government visit they were to do to make sure we were not some fly by night place. As the clinic can not achieve flight, I was not worried. Valerie handled everything, I met them...and they left. Not good or bad, just...interesting.

Why was Valerie able to handle the visit? Not that she is not totally capable, but why did she have time? Oh, that was power. I saw all the ENEE (electrical agency) trucks down the hill, but did not realize they cut power to the entire neighborhoods up above. No power, no exams. At least for Valerie and Camillo (the dentist). Hmmm, days like this makes us long for an emergency generator to power the clinic.

So, lest the trip be a wasted one, I still needed to talk to pastor Jorge about various items. I went up to his house, wisely remembering Friday is his day off from being in the Church office, only to get there and find out he went to the pastor's quarterly meeting in San Pedro Sula.

Trip still not wasted, I gave Leandra a ride up there, so it was an expensive favor, but one she appreciated nonetheless. You know, one of those matters of perspective. You can rationalize just about anything right? Luckily this was not rationalizing sin, so I think I am in the clear for just trying to make bricks with no straw.

So...just an example of a perfectly planned day with perfectly planned plans and activities, that change to get to do other things, like write them down for you to read for one.

Oh, and to also happen by the latest US import to Honduras....Office Depot. At last another place to buy Pringles and assorted snack items at reasonably high prices! There were other items there though that actually could come in handy sometime. It was...interesting to see.

Oh times two...the power came back to the clinic only a short 7 hours later...luckily Marlen was there, as someone left the water on. She was able to shut off the breakers lest we be out of water and a pump tomorrow.

Oh times three...we found out late this afternoon the container we are waiting on now has major fees before it will be released to us to clear customs. This was never communicated, of course, until they decided we were actually going to get it, and then they wanted their money. Long story of course, but we are praying for mercy somewhere along the line lest we have to pay approximately $2,000 just to get it here.

Is all that interesting? You be the judge. We think so. Interesting might not always be fun or cheap or enjoyable, but it is guessed it, interesting.

I won't post about days like this every time they happen, but seeing as how we are just starting this puppy, and this was one of those days, it seemed like it merited entrance.

As always, blessed be the name of the Lord. After all, I can type this entry in with a smile on my face, and even if I could not, blessed be the name of the Lord.

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