Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dates schmates

So, I thought Sunday would be the day for the big race, marathon if you will, although I know technically that a marathon is a 26.2 mile race, here it is used to describe any distance of running with competition in mind.

This race is the only one to really challenge me in my years here, as it begins in Teguc, and ends in Santa Lucia. Mileage is only something like 8 miles. However, there is this one big hill....I think the elevation change is something around 1,500 ft all told, but most of that comes at you hard.

Anyway, what strikes me about runners here is that they must always be prepared. I am not Mr. Runner, but do enough of it to be ready for a mini-marathon at any time. I know this is not normal, and can remember people taking months to prepare for the Indianapolis mini when I lived in the US.

But here, no problems....the race was to be March 4th, but you know what, yeah, uh, we decided it would work out better on the 18th. No problem right? Not here.

Besides, like I say, it is like they are paying you to run here. Sure, there are prizes for the first three places, but even for those of us not so spry, you get water, police protection (sort of), some snacks and gatorade, and most times even a T-shirt, and the most I have paid is $1. At prices like that, you learn to be flexible with minor details like dates, start times, routes, etc.

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dad said...

So we'll look forward to a play-by-play of the actual event. Or maybe just a summary.