Saturday, March 17, 2007

Checking in

We are wrapping up the Sherwood Oaks Christian Church group (they depart on Monday). I had a few minutes, which has been rare this week, and decided to give a little shout out.

With four eye brigades, construction, food distribution (visiting some of the most poverty stricken families I have seen to date), a hospital visit, a clothing distribution, sports seminars, counseling sessions, leadership training, medical staff leadership training, and as many granita stops as possible, we have been extremely busy, and involving quite a few Hondurans in the busy business as well. Praise God!

The team has been a huge blessing, as every group is, in many ways, strengthening us spiritually more than outweighs the temporary physical drain of sorts, the exercise in practicing our faith, telling others, sharing experiences, and discussing differences in sects/cults/religions/etc. as well to further define what we believe, and why we believe it, always going back to the Good Book for a firm base.

Pictures will be forthcoming on the website to be sure, but I wanted to just share a bit before heading to bed (must run tomorrow...still preparing for the multiple post-ponements race!)

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