Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nice night for star gazing

Well, here I am, out gazing at the stars, at least, I have the opportunity. My sight of the stars is mostly blotted out from looking continually at the laptop screen, but here I am outside nonetheless.

I need to stop right now and praise God that it is not raining. Rain this time of year is very unusual here, yet it was raining last night and early this morning.

You see, we had a bit of a problem last night with our gate. We hit it. That is a problem. However, fixable for the short term.

Then we had another small problem, as we tried to pull the Defender into the main garage, the one that belongs to our landlords. We did not anticipate that the Defender is of such height that it would not fit, and subsequently it dented in the railing that opens and closes the big doors, and long story short: we have a big gaping hole in the fence around the property where the garage is.

So, that means someone needs to stand guard all night lest someone use this rather ample "hole" to access the house and make off with, well, everything.

I parked the Ford in front of the entrance, but it would not dissuade anyone serious in making an attempt. So here I sit, perched in my lazy boy chair atop the garage, lurking like a buzzard of sorts, ready with my alarms for the cars, and a phone to call...someone...should any would-be thief get any ideas.

Sure, my first thought was...this sucks.

I was in the middle of devotions with the FAME group currently here, and it was very encouraging. However, I am trying to look at this positively and see that I will be able to get quite a bit of work done tonight, while I sit outside. There is little to no wind (unusual), no precipitation that there was less than 24 hours ago, and really at this point in the evening the temperature is acceptable without a blanket or any such additional clothing. All things considered, it could be worse. Like when it comes time to pay the man that will have to fix the big dent in the garage rail tomorrow.

Speaking of that dent, or rather both big dents, the Defender at least proved her worth yet again, winning the battle decisively both times. Sure, it would have perhaps been cheaper or easier to fix the Defender than the gates, but at least we are again reassured that it is indeed one tough truck.

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