Saturday, April 21, 2007

Say hello to Soren's little friend

Well, perhaps greeting his friend would be a little distasteful (pardon the future pun), if not unlikely.

Those of you reading this (there are people reading these things right? I am not jotting this down for my health! Hmmm, I suppose it could be considered cathartic. Well then, maybe I am doing it for my health). Anyway, those of you reading this that have been here in the last two months know that Soren was dealing with some powerful constipation, or just problems with his bowel movements.

Well, as this has been going on for some time, we decided to avail ourselves (Valerie's very good idea) of the laboratory services we offer in the clinic, to see what the problem was...too much milk, too many bananas, too much play-doh? the suspense was painful...especially for Soren.

And the winner was....a powerful parasite (name witheld to protect other parasites...whom I could mention for joke gold, but won't). So we have started him on some medicine per the clinic's direction, which of course he loves to take. Go figure...our kids 99% of the time love to take medicine.

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