Friday, April 27, 2007

Strike two

Ah, Latin culture. It takes some people quite a while to get adjusted to the strike mentality. I have grown to get used to them, although I still am not sure I agree with all of them. Sometimes it would see the powers that be do get lazy or feign indifference until people are pushed to the point of striking, so although it is not something I have an affinity for, it is at least understandable sometimes. Which of these times is understandable? Ah, ze question S O C K S (a little tidbit for Spanish fans...say it in English outloud and you get a sentance in Spanish)

So, for about a month we have been going through strike one, which is the public hospital here in the capital city. First it was surgeries and such, then even the emergency room was shut down, no nurses or doctors. Then the fifth and sixth year students filled in to try to bridge the gap, then they convinced them to join the solidarity movement as well. The beef? Some, or many depending on your definition, students that are going to medical school in Cuba (good indoctrination for the communist movement in case you did not know) are coming back to work, not having served a year in the public system. That is the main complaint, I am sure there are more if/when needed.

The taxistas decided to strike today. Protesting something noble no doubt. After it started, I heard through the ever dependable media outlets that the strike was concerning the price of gasoline, which just went up this past week (government controlled prices), but only another 1.40 Lempiras to L68.70. Granted, at $3.64 or so that is not cheap especially here, but all in all, it could be worse. Just don't tell that to the taxistas. I am glad I drive diesel, which is not exactly bargain basement, but if you have to choose $3.64 for gas or $2.80 for more efficiently burning diesel fuel (we diesels get 20-30% better fuel economy than similarly sized gasoline engines don't forget!), it is an easy choice....if you can afford to choose.

So, that is the latest in the strikes around Teguc. Oh sure, the teachers decided to cancel school today because it was too hot...but uh, deciding to cancel before the weather reports because of the angle of the sun hitting the country, when it was stated the temperatures would not vary that much is more of angling for a day off than a strike. Although I guess we could be protesting the sun being too close to us? Oh, and I guess the medical teachers at the university are now on strike too, and a small group of the students at the university are striking over security issues and such but really....that is all!

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