Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's day

Mother's day proved to be eventful, more so than we had in mind at any rate.

First I had to take Jake to the airport for his trip back to the USA. It was not the scheduled departure date, so getting that all figured out took some time, so I got to Church a bit late. Well that and I stopped at the local mercantile (Mrs. Oleson not there) to buy Valerie a present....imported vanilla wafers don't you know (imported is true, and sounds better than generic "Hi-Top" wafers made in Miami)

After Church, there was a mother's day luncheon, so I took the kids home for a delicious lunch of smashed fruit and nut sandwiches. The children were joyous in their celebration of my culinary skills...or in the fact that daddy gives them more food than mommy (Daddy discovered that if he cuts Cecilia's sandwiches into large pieces, she believe she then has double the sandwiches. I of course agreed with her).

We had a relaxing afternoon, and then I got a call from our friend Silvia who was stranded in Sabana Grande due to all the buses being full (why? Mother's day and the big Super Bowl of Honduran "futbol"...she called almost at half time). So I had to skip out on supper to pick her and her two kids up...or so I thought. The line coming into town as I was leaving to get them was at least three miles long. I got there, and instead of three people, there were approximately 893. Ok, maybe more like 13-15 (hard to count...dark and so many people), but sufficit to say more than I was anticipating. Luckily I did not take the Musso, but rather had the Defender, so there was more room. Of course, being in Honduras, at no time was there any mention that there might not be enough room. The Defender became quite top heavy (uh, some people standing of sorts), but we made it back safe and sound.

And with Survivor taped for watching on Monday, all is well. At least...we think it taped.

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