Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh those pesky vehicles

Granted, I am a vehicle afficionado of sorts. But lately our vehicles have been making life more interesting (interesting being a nice diplomatic term.

Take for example Tuesday. Valerie and Cecilia were to head up to the clinic, and since Valerie is not a fan of the Ford for driving purposes (have you noticed the vehicle is a tad on the large side?), so she was to take the Musso.

But due to some vibrations in the front of the car, we took it to our mechanic for a "quick fix." I left in the Ford assured that Valerie would be on her way in 30 minutes. Three hours later they came through the door. The quick fix became a three day ordeal because the tiny insignificant (other than being dangerous when broke) part was not available anywhere.

See picture at left for what one does while waiting three hours at the shop when you do not care a wit about cars (reading 10 year old magazines, taking ten or twenty pictures, talking to the staff, relaxing, twiddling of thumbs, etc.)

Of course, the Defender was not available due to it being in the shop as well. We got it back last night at 8:00, so Valerie did have a way to get to the clinic while I stayed home to do administrative work. It needed quite a bit of work from the steering, the back door (rusting and not shutting properly), new exhaust, leaky AC unit....ugh, but all is fixed and ready for more daily abuse and group use....all at $1,350. So now we have two working vehicles again. The thought of getting the Musso back this week is has been months since we have had all three working all at the same time. To be fair, most of the respective waits are due to getting the needed parts for the vehicles. Something about where we drive, what we do, what we take. Go figure.

Yesterday proved to be a challenging day as I used our new spray painter to fix some old paint work, and start on the new but very dirty and tiring work. Note to more oil based paint! Luckily only the gates use the oil based, and the rest of the work will be with water based. Using thinner to clean yourself off with a slight sunburn is not fun stuff, and since I had to use it to clean the sprayer as well, it had plenty of time to burn my so dainty skin.

As well Jorge and his gang of welding chicken wire friends are beginning work on putting the roof on the soccer field (no more lost balls!). How that will all be done is quite the Honduran engineering feat.
After I was tired from painting, looking at them on a ladder 30 feet or more up in the air with chicken wire, trying to run the wire to hold it up...
...or the Church guys working on helping us prepare the area where the bus comes in for the new gate we had built, pouring cement and hiking it up twenty feet in the air for pouring the column, I felt a little better about my job that day.

Oh, it looks like I better go...the Ford is just about due for an oil change. That should only take a few weeks.

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