Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What a weekend...

Well, what a life God has given me! Never boring for sure, and great for depending on Him, which of course is the most important thing.

Friday I lost my wallet. How? Good question. I wish I could say I was mugged, or that I lost it as I fell down a hill or something...but no. I lost in somewhere between my car and our house. Lovely. Lovely for a variety of reasons (never fun having to buy a new wallet, or the money you lost, the cute note from your wife when she gave you the wallet, etc.), but most important of all is all the paperwork to get my residency card, driver's license, ever important PriceSmart card, credit cards, etc.

So I could not drive over the weekend. We went to a multi-family yard sale on Saturday (our family is now into I Love Lucy DVDs (second season) for only $4) and the kids love it. Not driving has its privledges however...you can just relax as a passenger! What a concept.

Monday came Oscar's visa appointment (and I used the trip to the embassy as an opportunity to renew my passport....almost ten years ago was my first trip to Honduras apparantly eh?) God was with us, and it looks like my having gone helped quite a bit. We were out of there before 1:00 (for the 10:30 appointment), with an affirmative....just have to wait to see actually how long the visa is for before buying airplane tickets.

Having finished at the embassy, we then ran like mad around the city trying to get the necessary paperwork done for me to get my residency card, and then driver's license. Score 1, but not 2.

Tuesday morning Valerie and I went back to see our friend at the police station (from Church) to help get my license....a story worthy of Honduran paperwork before computers as I was escorted to a 20' container stationed outside the building with stacks and stacks and stacks of papers. "Do you know the exact date you came to get your license?" "Uh, maybe I can remember what year!" Then they handed me registries from years past and told me to start looking for my name. Eventually "we" decided I could just start from scratch as if I had not had a license....all legit for sure. Two hours later, I have a license.

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