Friday, May 25, 2007

Katie bar the gate

Well, the Church bus gate is almost done, as you can see from the accompanying picture. Our cut up container is almost completely used at this point. We still have yet to install the locks and the surrounding cement plates to finish that portion of the wall, as well as dig and fill in the area around the gate for easier entry and exit. People that usually use this part of the property to cut the corner on their walks are not exactly enthused with the upcoming change, but they do not have to deal with the thefts, broken windows, general vandelism, etc. One step closer to having the property properly cordened off, many steps left to go. Even when we get this portion done, we anticipate people will continue to be walking through the "undone" portions until we get them filled in.

In other extremely important news, I was at the grocery store with Valerie on a quick stop this week, and upon strolling through the produce section, immediately thought of brother Brad and his delicious guacemole recipe....and remembered what most people in the USA have to eat to have guacemole by seeing this lovely product called "Guacemole Express." (Insert your own bowel related joke here). It looked rather...pale green. That's right friends, you too could be eating something like guacemole for only $2.80 per bag, or make the real thing for cheaper than that here.

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