Sunday, June 10, 2007

As old as you feel?

Funny, I don't feel any older. Maybe a bit sick still, as my running this morning was way off pace. Luckily I was not slowing down my running partner.

I had no running partner because the FAME group is here, all present and raring to go, but eight of their bags are in limbo. They arrived Friday, are told not to expect their bags until Tuesday....possibly. So, Rick had nothing to wear to run with me.

Yesterday the group did our first ever brigade in San Juan del Rancho. Always interesting to see different towns and in a country that is not exactly huge, the differences, similarities, and just oddities that each town brings: Why so much fungus amongst us? Why are almost 75% of the people here sharing in the last name Salgado? What is up with the few blonde hair blue eyed kids? There were many that conceded to let us pray with them, but the lack of a Church there (there is a Catholic one) was obvious in the lives of many of the people just in our short time there. We were well received, and the people were grateful for the help.

All went well. The 100 we promised to see were waiting at 6:something in the morning. Good thing we did not promise more (although we saw at least 115...with quite a few pass throughs) as we had to get back to the airport to dig into that mess, the grocery store (for the obligatory snack/souvenir stop), and then back to the "Carrion Fair" store for essentials since the bags are not in our near future (underwear, socks, shampoo, outfit for Church, etc.)

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