Saturday, June 2, 2007

Funny things one notices

There are differences living here. Many times I fail to notice them anymore. People come in groups, and it is like I get to relive my first trip here, listening to comments that I would have or did actually make almost 10 years ago. Good stuff.

Then there is what happened to me yesterday. It is not that big of a deal really, just looking at "Grupo Q" while waiting at the traffic light, seeing the Ferrari and Maseratis for sale (I figured they only brought those in for specific orders), and then noticing the Chrysler minivans right in front of them. The incongruity of the vehicles at first did not strike me, but it soon did.
Imagine a trip to the dealership with the family. Ah, there are the minivans, let us look upon them to decide which....uh, which one....uh, how about that red car? Only two people eh? Hmmm, how about the gray one, can we stuff the two kids in the back window? They like to look at the clouds. I am sure the Ferrari people love the mental image of their cars parked next to such a menial form of mere transportation.

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