Saturday, June 23, 2007

Construction junction, what's your function?

Ah, construction. I love the smell of concrete, paint, thinner, and dead dog in the air.

We are being directed in a multi-pronged attack with this group, which is good as we are getting multiple things done at once.

First up is furthering the painting work, especially the metal work around the clinic, which will continue today and Monday, involving some painting of the doctor's rooms inside as well, and maybe if time permits, some painting of the garage.

(picture at right is preparing the gate for the Church buses with anti-corrosive paint before giving it a nice shade of dark blue)

Work also continues on that necessary fence. I think we will run out of posts with this group, and shortly be ready for the section that will require the cutting and placement of the containers for safety sake with our close squatter neighbors on

that side of the property. It is very slow work up near the property line, with the distance to the supply line and all, but it is still progressing nicely.

Saturday brings pouring a pad in front of the containers for easier semi access, as well as just a nicer atmosphere and more accessable parking.

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